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Into the Nest!

The Lady of the White Well greeted them graciously, telling them they had all performed a unique and great service for Love, and in a sense for her specifically. She thanked Findorus especially, and bade him meditate during the full moon with his Moonblades from now on. Varigate tried to ask her if Findorus would be able to communicate with her from afar, but only received a wink and a secret smile in return as she disappeared back into the depths of her well.

At this point, Varigate was feeling that the Story™ was over, so began the process of trying to bridge the gap back to reality. Echo exerted his will to keep their story together, Findorus freed them from the constraints keeping them to the here and now, while Korrang drove their destination and Rykin Conscientiously Objected™ to the Feywild in general, rejecting their place in it. They arrived back in the Vault, exhausted but together and unwounded. Varigate immediately wanted to leave so they could clear out the Formians nearby (for treasure and for the Vault’s safety), but relented to allow everyone to sleep and recover from their arduous journey.

The first day they went in search of the nest, Varigate smelled the formians, tracking them back to one of the exits from their tunnels. Echo cast an arcane eye inside to search, mapping with Korrang much of the tunnel complex and identifying both the rooms that held treasure (which was relatively near the surface), and the nests where larvae were kept. That first day they did not find the Queen’s chambers however, so they decided to come back the next day so they could explore more. They uncovered the rest of the locations, and also the location of the slave pens for the dinosaurs the formians kept dominated. In addition, they found a gnome who was captured by the formians (presumably from the same group that came here to loot the Vault about a decade past). As the formians had the advantage in terms of communication, they hatched a chaotic plan designed to increase confusion. Felden would go and release some of the dinosaurs, and stir chaos there, keeping the Taskmasters occupied, Glasya would spread fire and chaos from the first entrance they found while Korrang burrowed into the treasure room, and then collapsing it’s entrance so the formians could not leave with anything there in a timely fashion. Then, Whisper would wait for a short time at the first nursery, and the group would head towards the second, so that they could both strike at the same time, killing the larvae and then Whisper could escape, as he was very uncomfortable being underground and trapped. The group would then continue downwards to the final nursery, and onto the Queen’s chamber.

At first the plan seemed to be going very well. They met some resistance from the Myrmach’s, but nothing they couldn’t handle while they destroyed the first nursery. They picked up the gnome, literally, as they went past the farming chamber he was in, explaining the story to him as they went deeper into the tunnels…trying to assure him that they would make it out alive, and learning that his name was Davdri. At the last nursery, they met more resistance, and when they reached the room, discovered that a small number of larvae seemed to have been removed, less than 6 or so. Rykin again fireballed the room, leaving it in a smoking ruin, and then they left to go to the final showdown in the Queen’s chambers.


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