Down with the Queen!

The part prepared as best they could to go into the belly of the beast, into a chamber clearly designed for defense of the Formian queen. The queen was situated at one end of a cone-shaped chamber, with 3 Myrmarchs and 3 Taskmaster. However, they were clearly very prepared for the Tasmasters. Rykin slowed one of them, and Korrang ran up the walls and took out one with a mightly light-infused kick to the face. Varigate charged and lopped the head off of the second, and Korrang zoomed around the room to take out the third before they were able to Dominate anyone in the group. Meanwhile the queen kept barraging the group with quickened Magic Missiles, cones of cold and Psionic Barrages. She tried for nearly the whole battle to take out Korrang, but was completely unsuccessful as he just shrugged off the effects each time.

As soon as the slow stopped affecting anyone, Rykin then for the first time cast his Vengeance of Bahamut, casting platinum coins into the air to fly straight at the Formian Queen and attack her from all sides. She roared in frustration at all these minuscule missiles kept zipping around her. At the same time, Echo kept frustrating her attempts to harm the party with her magic as his Bless kept saving them, and enabling them to hit when they’d otherwise miss. She kept up a steady stream of Magic Missiles, but he kept his concentration throughout the entire barrage. Once the Myrmarchs were taken out by Findorus and Varigate, they turned on the the queen as a whole group and she went down under the combined weight of their aggression.

After taking a breath and taking stock, they decided to go back to the treasure room to grab everything:

34,000gp in coins and art objects (Mostly Art Objects and Statuettes)

Potion of Vitality
Potion of Supreme Healing
A brass oil lamp engraved with a map of the City of Brass
A prism of amethyst crystal through which you see a twisted and aberrant echo of the world around you
A key carved from the black bone of a displacer beast
A puzzle box crafted in glass, which contains a moonstone marble
A white rose petal entombed in quartz

As they were playing around with some of the trinkets, they found that the prism of amethyst, revealed some very interesting things. Whisper looked like a thing out of nightmares (perhaps unchanged from his actual appearance were he visible), Feldon and Glasya looked exactly the same, whereas the rest of the group looked twisted and abberant, aside from Echo who glowed with blue-white light-smoke. Varigate also realized that this was not Amethyst at all, and when asked, Barchan said “It is not of Earth, It is not crystal.” Korrang suggested it was actually a piece of Far Realm. Findorus thought it was clearly destiny that they found the puzzle box with the moonstone marble, and began immediately to try and open it.

Davdri was perhaps the happiest of all, with his salvation assured. He revealed that he was their captive for about 10 years (thankfully only 10 years…). He was a worker, junior engineer hired by Erryn to salvage things from the Vault when he was captured by the Formians. Rykin generously agreed to teleport him to Zholand, though after they travelled to one of Korrang’s nearby monasteries to set up things for the Vault.

The travel to the monastery took about a week, when they came in sight of a fairly idyllic little island, with just a few large buildings on it. The Monks greeted Korrang and those he brought with him, letting them know they could freely move about the island except for any locked doors. Feldon was REALLY unhappy about not being able to go into the locked rooms, and spent the entire time they were there floating in front of the doors, fully visible all the while. He tried one last time before they left to convince Korrang to let him go into them, stating that he felt they were CALLING to him, but Korrang unfortunately didn’t relent, so he stayed locked out. When they left, they brought a couple of the monks back to the Vault, and then from there teleported back to Zholand, to return Davdri, and perhaps convince Erryn to return the books he stole from the Vault.


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