In Defense of Love

The Dark Fabulist's Downfall, pt 1

While the party was homing in on the cave where the Dark Fabulist was holed up, when the party began being attacked by redcaps. Their sling stones were endangering the Eagles who had gladly agreed to carry them, and Varigate leaped into action, falling out of the sky and slamming his axe into one of the redcaps as he struck the ground, absorbing the impact. Korrang, not to be outdone, strode gracefully off the eagle, gliding through the air and alighting to the ground to engage the enemy, while Findorus followed, perhaps not as gracefully, but with much more style and panache. The Eagles dropped off the rest of the party before flying away. The redcaps were dispatched readily, and left behind a single tooth each time one was dispatched. Echo let the group know about stories he heard stating that one who wears a redcap’s tooth is seen as more menacing to the members of the Feywild.

Before going into the cave system, Echo cast an arcane eye into the darkness, to scout out the paths before them. Taking this path, the group entered a large cavern the group found was right before an area the arcane eye couldn’t penetrate. Varigate yelled at the Redcaps that he was glad he would be getting more teeth soon. At this sight, the redcaps fled the field of view, while Grimm’s began dragging themselves out of the oily birthing pools nearby. As the group was battling them, the Dark Fabulist strode into the field, carrying a large black scythe.

Findorus took it upon himself to try and sway the opinion of the Dark Fabulist, and get him to relent before they had to attack him. He actually made a fair amount of headway, however the Dark Fabulist said that he unfortunately had already made promises to Archfey, do if they wished to remove him from this story, they were going to have to take him down. The Dark Fabulist tried to Bane Korrang, but with a mighty “My fate is my own!”, he shrugged off its effects. The battle waged back and forth, and in the middle of the battle, the original redcaps came back with reinforcements! Glasya went off to try and stall them while the group finished off the Dark Fabulist. After much effort, the Grimm’s were taken out and then the Dark Fabulist was finally taken down.

Afterwards they gained access to his ritual chamber, where they found a great deal of magical components, along with The Prince of Frosts frozen tears, and a heart-shaped mass of rose thorns which pierced their hands, no matter how gently it was grabbed. Findorus even tried grabbing it with his mage hand, but felt the pricking of his palm, even though he was not touching it.

Afterwards, Varigate suggested that they head back to the Lady’s well to tell her how things turned out. Echo realized that it was not very easy to start the Star Path during the daylight, so they rested while they waited for night. At nighttime, Echo started up the path, when Varigate had a realization that his truename might enable him to weaken the barrier to starting the Star Path, and enable Echo to create one during the daytime. While on the Star Path, the also found that it had a color much like the moonlight, and Echo believed that it was being affected/guided by some outside force, very likely the Lady herself.


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