In the Heart of Madness

It's good to have friends

After exiting the tunnels, everyone was overcome for a moment by the level of oppression and paranoia they felt. It was as if there was someone watching them constantly (which was in some cases at least literally true). With a minimum of acting, they were able to blend into the crowd and make their way to the Moonshadow’s hovel. Findorus’ father was barely able to contain his surprise and usher them all in the house quickly and quietly. After assuring them there was no immediate danger (at least not, like, this second), Findorus sat down and began to tell them about how he learned that he was of the royal line that once ruled in the now Zaruk. His father showed no surprise at this, but his sisters and mother definitely were a little shocked to hear this, and to basically hear it confirmed by his father. He’d known as his grandfather was alive at the time, but was only barely in the line of succession at the time (though at this point, Findorus’ father should technically be considered a king-in-exile as there’s no other family members left). He’d planned to tell Findorus one day when he became a man, but with the elvish view on things, it just hadn’t been rushed and Findorus left before being told. Throughout all this, his younger sister was delighted by the fact that she was now “a princess!”

It was decided after much quiet back and forth(with everyone offering the help of their families) that the best place for Findorus’ family to go where they could be setup with with help and someone people to look out for them and to get them back on their feet job-wise was Ancamir, with help from Varigate’s wives and House Himoya. Quietly in the middle of the night, the family gathered their few possessions and a piece of furniture or two and loaded it into the party’s portable hole (much to Drusila’s delight again). However, disaster, of a sort struck when they reached the Rendezvous point and Feldon was nowhere to be…er..seen, or heard. Echo cast a sending immediately to try and coordinate with him, and he responded, anguished “Leave without me…I’ll never tell them anything…Save ”/characters/findorus" class=“wiki-content-link”>Findorus’ family!“. Well…of course that was not on anyone’s mind at this point, and they went into the tunnels so they could get far enough away to send Findorus’ family on ahead to meet up with ”/characters/varigate" class=“wiki-content-link”>Varigate’s wives. Then they sat down to make a plan to break him out of the castle.

Glasya though she would be able to detect him if you were reasonable close, but she thought Varigate might have better luck if the tunnels could get them a bit out of the city center and he try and cast commune with nature to determine his current wherabouts. Findorus was able to lead them to a field just outside the city where Varigate began the communing process. While he was doing that Rykin felt the far realm stone in his pocket become very warm (as this was the first time he was actually IN Zaruk). Upon taking it out and looking through it, he saw streams of far realm energy far and wide streaming into the castle, towards it’s apex. Whereupon there sat a draconic shape made of night sky which seemed to either be absorbing or guiding the far realm energies. Even the blue whisps that came off of Echo were being pulled into the flow, as much as they tried to resist.

At about this moment, Varigate was somewhat successful in his communing. Because this place was not fully natural, he was finding it hard to get many details, but focusing on Feldon, he was able to determine his exact location…although the flame of his life seemed to…flicker in a strange way, different than when Varigate had sensed him in the past, almost as is the flame was trying to change colors, or flickering between colors. While in his trance Varigate tried to GRAB onto the location and using his true name, his understanding of boundaries that separate, he spent much of his life and ripped the veil asunder, dragging the group along with him through the hole and coming back into reality where Feldon was being kept as the hole closed up behind them. And them promptly tipped over completely exhausted.

The room had a beholder and thing made of tentacles and bug jaws and malevolent eyes they called a Star Spawn. In addition, over to the other side, there was a Nothic watching a small cage that contained a large ethereal-looking fate eater currently coiled around and feeding off of what…looked sort of like Feldon, if he was a tiny human with short horns, pink skin and bat wings. Korrang showed off his increased understanding of water by summoning a snow-storm in the middle of the room, battering the beholder, though the Star Spawn seemed immune to his efforts. Rykin tried the opposite tactic and filled that side of the room with raging fire, again to the beholder’s lament, and the star spawn completely oblivious. Echo paralyzed the beholder as it was turning around to have it’s gaze fall upon them, causing it fall still and become almost completely defenseless for a few moments, moments that Findorus was not going to let go to waste… Findorus was filled with destiny…or rage, it’s hard to tell sometimes, as he lept at the Beholder, and in a quick series of moves, pardon the pun, faster than the eye, he de-oculated the beholder and saw it’s sack of a body sink lifelessly to the floor. Varigate meanwhile was able to quaff one of their few precious potions of vitality, feeling the exhaustion slough off of him as he was filled with renewed vigor.

The star spawn, seeing some annoying creatures decided that something must be done with these vermin, and decided he didn’t like the Khirad stench of Echo. He twisted space and time so that he appeared next to him, slamming all of his tentacles into him and snapping at him with grasping claws. However, he felt that there should be some reward for killing his previous master, so he laid his disintegrating gaze upon Findorus, who was wracked with pain and felt all the particles of his body try to explode away from his as he burst into a cloudy gaseous form; the bits of himself still trying to pull away as he did everything in his will to retain his identity. The fate eater for his part lept straight for Varigate’s chest trying to dig his claws into his very soul, but finding little purchase there. Korrang set his sights on the Star Spawn, determined to show him the real power of the stars, burning into him with radiant starlight with every punch and kick, dissolving and bruising him more than anything so far had effected it. Rykin now tried to slow all the enemies in the room, managing to slow the nothic only. For it’s part, it ran over to the Fate eater to try and carry it out of the room with it’s prize, but with it being slowed, he was prevented from more than moving himself into danger. The Star Spawn moved next over to Varigate, ripping time and space and slamming Varigate into the rent this formed, pushing him all the way across the room, but not through the intervening space. Korrang let into the Star Spawn again with radiant punches staggering and bloodying him, while Rykin peppered him with magic missiles. Varigate ran back over to cut through the Nothic, as Findorus finally managed to drag himself back together, gasping in relief as he felt his body again. The Star Spawn, seeing his decided he would now try and remove the other thorn in his side, and turned his dread gaze upon Korrang. Korrang had been so focused on his target that he was looking directly into those dread eyes and took a critical dose of his disintegrating gaze, feeling his body and soul rent from within. With the last of his will and training he managed to calm the turmoil in his soul, and retained hold on his body, though his body was currently failing him with the amount of damage it had sustained in those short moments. Korai ran over immediately to render some aid with a potion while Echo also send out waves of healing energy to the whole group as he blasted the Spawn with the light of Khirad. When Rykin was properly reminded that he had the power of Bahamut on his side, the Star Spawn’s time was numbered. Rykin dramatically whipped aside his cloak revealing gleaming white platinum knives, which all flew into the air and began to glow with Bahamut’s radiance as they streaked towards their target cutting through and into him as it screamed, died, and faded away from reality, leaving nothing behind to show the madness of it’s passing. The Fate Eater was not going down without a fight…and it just smelled a very good source of Destiny in the room, and launched his jaws after it. His mouth ripped into Findorus, who was saved due to the healing energies Echo just cast over him, while its ethereal teeth tried to reach at his soul, but Findorus, having almost lost his body, had a very secure hold on himself and repelled the invading appendages, as Vargiate chopped the creature clean in half, ending its life.

With the room quiet for a few moments, Varigate realized they needed a very quick way out of here that couldn’t be traced, so he sat on the ground again and thought of home…a home that he built up from nothing, that was as much him as it was of another place. Rykin went over and grabbed the limp and oh so light body of Feldon, cradling him as Echo tried to at least give him some quick healing in the hopes that it would help whatever was wrong with him. Realizing they were in a rush, Varigate steeled himself and pushed with all of what made him him and flung everyone through another veil, landing in Ancamir’s teleportation circle, the thinnest place nearby he could use as an anchor….and this time he merely staggered but was able to, barely, stand on his own two feet.


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