What's in a Name?


Upon arriving back in Ancamir, Findorus spent time catching up with his family, and deciding with them what they want to do going forward. Tentatively they came to the decision that they’re going to work for House Himoya, build a home here in Ancamir, and very likely join the House at some point in the future once they have a handle on their lives.

Meanwhile, Echo, Glasya, Rykin and Korrang were spending time with Feldon, trying to figure out what was wrong with him, why he hadn’t woken up yet. When looked at through the Far Realm Stone that Rykin was holding, they saw that Feldon was soaked in Far Realm Energy, and that while it was slowly evaporating and leaving him, it was still very much thickly about him. Echo was spending his time singing and talking to Feldon, trying to give him the courage and strength to recover (along with some help from his music and magic). Korrang discovered that playing his Star over Feldon was making the energy leave him faster while Rykin was keeping an eye on it with the Stone. After about a day, Feldon recovered in a burst of awareness, and immediately asked what was going on, why he was in a new form and what had happened. He said he remembers being tortured quite badly, and that they put fate eaters on him, but then he blacked out (he doesn’t think they did anything specific to make him black out). Back and forth in discussions, the current reigning theory is that Feldon was in a period of flux with his personality, mostly from his interactions with the group and his time spent on this plane, and being suffused with all the Far Realm energy that was being collected in the city, sort of kickstarted some change in him towards the self he was wanting to become, allowing him to break out of the stagnation of his truename. They discovered that he no longer had the ability to become invisible, and that the fate eaters blocked his ability to shapechange. Rykin was able to determine that the effect would become permanent if they didn’t do something about it.

The group decided they would try and bolster his spirit with magic, and then use their truenames to try and free him from the effect. Varigate weaked the barriers that kept the spell focused on Feldon, Echo tried to restore Feldon’s story to it’s true path (and everyone knows Hero’s don’t get sick for long), Rykin denied the spell’s existence and Findorus pushed to free Feldon from the chains of this spell, and return his true destiny to him. After much effort and pain, Feldon finally was able to break out of the spell, and could shapechange once more!

After everyone was recovered somewhat from their ordeals, Varigate asked to speak to them all in the non-detection room of his Estates. He told them he thought his ability to Teleport was tied to the fact that he had a truename, not HIS truename specifically. Therefore, he thought the rest of them should be able to do it as well with practice or need, perhaps with different limitations based on their names. Glasya and Feldon also chimed in that those with truenames had a “tie” to the place(s) they considered home and could always return there. They surmised that this ability, on a plane with lots of interesting places so close together, this might allow them to travel more easily about.

After much trials and testing, they all found that if they exerted their will and exhausted themselves a bit, they could all teleport to a small number of locations that they felt particularly close to, although most could only bring themselves, and they could only teleport to permanent teleportation circles. However, Korrang felt that he could also being others along on the trip, or enable others to do the same if they worked in concert, and, additionally, he found that with a great effort, he could teleport to locations without teleportation circles, but it took a great deal of effort to do so. Also, They figured that these restrictions might be less or more depending on the circumstances at the time (For example, Echo surmised that he might not be able to teleport if he was destined to have something major happen to him when travelling using more traditional means, as in a story where the boring parts are jumped over, but not the drama).

After things were a bit more settled down, Varigate had said that he wanted to take a “shopping” trip to the Feywild, specifically Astrazalian (What Could Possibly Go Wrong™), and Findorus had promised a visit to his sister, so the group decided to all tag along on the journey. Not to mention that Echo also wanted to see his Estate there, as he’d yet to visit upon receiving his title.


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