Zholand, City of Downtime!

Wherein another of Rykin's NPCs is Tortured

After arriving in Zholand, the party made sure that Davdri made it back home safe and sound, and then decided they should go shake down Erryn, the gnome Golem researcher at the college, for the books he stole from the Vault at Anstruth. Erryn did not seem most pleased to see them after hearing the reasons, but at least agreed that some of the less important books would be made available to the group to bring copies back to the Vault. He was adamant on the fact that the most important book, which detailed the creation of a Colossal WMD-style golem, could not fall into anyone else’s hands. Echo decided to try another tactic, and had Feldon go see if he could spy the title of the book so they could ascertain whether or not it is in the Book of Infinite Pages already. If that doesn’t work he figures they could call on the ruling Council and call upon their self-interest to return a copy of the book but be granted access to the whole of the Vault.

Meanwhile Findorus went about using his Bag of Holding and Giving, feeding the poor and hungry of the populate by supplementing the soup kitchens, while Feldon searched around and managed to find where the book was, which was also where the Colossal golem was being crafted outside of town in a nearby valley. In addition, they found out that the Hedgemony apparently has been a little more aggressive lately, making the Gnomes of Zholand nervous, and possibly leading to them building the Titan. In addition, the city streets had more Golems as well, though of the Origami kind, the new cheaper style of golem Erryn created/found.

While Echo was re-tuning the string on his Instrument, Korrang wanted to go home to try and uncover more about the truth of his alleged Royalty, and Rykin, Findorus and Varigate went to Valdiholm. Findorus picked up his brand new Displacer Cloak, and Varigate his new sending stones and Wand of Secrets he had made for Feldon. Rykin, on the other hand, decided to go torture his old teacher with more information she couldn’t possibly guess, that he couldn’t possibly tell her, and that was so interesting as to likely keep her up at nights until the day she died. After much Seinfeldian back and forth, and she broke out some hard liquor, she managed to get Rykin to promise that he would ask the group if she could travel with them, even if she had to swear on the Rod of Binding to do so.

Korrang, meanwhile, was investigating his family’s history. He found that his father also had Royal Blood, while his mother did not. He checked in with his great-grandfather, who had been working on the family’s history for many years. After testing the rest of his ancestors that are still alive and ruling out family members who’s history was well known, they came down to one person, Korrang’s great-great-great-great-grandfather, a wood elf named Arlanthir. He seemed to appear near the lake town of Ilvelon, and fell in love with Korrang’s great-great-great-great-grandmother (elves suck, we’re just going to call him and her his 5-father and 5-mother from now on). While looking through his family’s estate in Ilvelon, he found a picture of his 5-father wearing a particular necklace, and then was able to find that necklace in the attic. The shell was iridescent and affixed to a string, that seemed to be made more from braided hair than fiber. All of the materials would last long underwater, and Korrang felt that the materials had a strong pull to water, and that they likely were from the Elemental Plane of Water. However, his 5-mother died before Korrang was born, and his 5-father died shortly thereafter in a freak storm, drowning in the Calenloch when his boat was overturned.

Rykin, for his part, did petition the group for Korai, and they agreed to speak with her. After some back and forth, most due to the sensitivity of the things they’ve learned, they decided that they would bring Korai into their confidences and allow her to travel with them. She went with EchoRykin into the basement of the college and geased herself to not betray the group’s confidences, particularly the information of shadowbinding. With that done, they agreed to meet up in one month in Zholand to depart together.


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