Zholand, City of Downtime, Pt 2

Wherein Luck Saves the Day and Tentacled Horrors fail Dramatically

The party spent most of the rest of their downtime on various personal matters. Korrang was still researching things from his monestary, Varigate and Rykin made a side trip to Bastin to get another teleportation circle address and take care of some business, Echo was creating magic items and retuning his strings, while Findorus decided to wander the streets, hoping to pay his luck forward.

While Varigate was in Bastin with Shakalyn (who decided to come along as well), he decided to see if he could get something for Rykin. Having discovered that there was a reasonably sized church of Bahamut in Bastin, and that the Priest there was a former blacksmith, he proceeded to tell him about Rykin, and his need for some objects to animate while casting his Bahamut’s Wrath spell. The Priest was moved, and after some prayer and forging, made a set of small platinum knives for Rykin to use that could do radiant damage if he so wished instead of their normal damage, and would return to him when he called.

Findorus, while wandering randomly, managed to walk into a bar near the docks, and proceeded to try and regale them with some of his tales and fill their bellies with wine, food, and luck. They were having none of it. The whole inn stared at him the entire time as if he had 9 heads. After coming back and trying his hand at a few other inns, just to make sure it wasn’t him, he sent Feldon to see what he could see. With his new Wand of Secrets, and some invisibly spying, Feldon uncovered that there was an aboleth in the basement. It seems the inn-keeper was trying to expand his cellar, and broke into a cavern that hid an underground lake with an adolescent aboleth stuck in it. The aboleth proceeded to enslave many of the people around, and was beginning to expand his circle of domination. The group decided that they must end this menace post-haste, and went that very evening to take care of the threat. Apparently having been trapped in a small underground lake for much of it’s life, without input from other aboleths or experience dominating anything other than a few chuuls it was able to have with it, it ended up being much less of a threat than imagined. It continually exposed the party to visions of tentacled horrors that…while they guessed they were supposed to be scary, were just so unbelievable as to lack any reality or depth to them, making them ineffectual at best, if not slightly humorous. It was well into the battle before the creature was able to bring it’s own bulk to bear on the combat, but being so confined for so long apparently also left it uncoordinated and palsied. Without much further ado the party put the poor thing to rest so it would stop embarrassing itself, an act sure to get them thanks from any aboleths they meet in the future.

Meanwhile, Feldon had finally found where they were keeping the book, after much careful spying. He saw the title, but unfortunately this particular volume was not in the Book of Infinite Pages. However, the group hatched another plan. Feldon felt that he could probably get in to see the book and then get out again, as long as he was careful about it. There didn’t seem to be much demonic protections on the book or it’s room. Working together, the group devised a schema to craft a magic item for Feldon to use, the Quill of Scribing. With this, he could set it to copy the contents of the manual into a smaller book he would carry in with him. In addition, Echo would cast dimension door onto Rykin’s wand, so that he could Dimension door out of the room if things became difficult, from where he could then turn invisible and, it was hoped, elude capture. As soon as Korrang was back from the monestary, they would craft the Quill and hopefully have a copy of the book they need to bring back to the Anstruth Vault.


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