Zholand, City of Downtime, Pt 3

After getting back to Zholand, they went about getting ready for Feldon to do his thing, infiltrate, and copy the book detailing the golem’s construction. While he was out casing the joint, they decided to make a social call upon the frost elf Robert, to ask some questions and let him know about how things turned out. For his part, he was very happy at the positive outcome, and was pleased to know he could call upon the group if he learned anything else without having to look bad with his government. In addition, he let them know that one of the reasons he originally contacted them, aside from hearing about there deeds here, was that inquiries had been made from back home, and he was curious to see what was up. He also revealved that he’s not really much of a diplomat (though not in so many words), and that his assignment here is partially punishment, and partially to help his people since it’s not a job anyone wants.

Feldon returned early the next morning with a tiny copy of the Golem tome (which Echo then transferred into the Book of Infinite Pages), and was congratulated on a job well done. They decided to leave shortly thereafter to avoid any…complications or discoveries, but wanted to track down a coin from Aladris while they were here. It turns out it was in the hands of a collector of antiquities, a large portion of which were coins. He was originally only interested in trade, but with some persuading by Echo, he agreed to trade some of the art objects they recovered from the Formians for the coin. After that they were off to Scarhyrst, home to the enemies of Zaruktharbh. Echo spent some short time in the city while they were getting provisioned for the overland trek to Zaruk by getting his name known in the city and performing. While doing so, he actually heard one of his own, earlier, tales being told, and thereby got introduced around to the local bards. Many of them saw him as a bit of a celebrity and showed him a great time while in the city. Around this time, Findorus, with some inspiration from Echo, was finally able to open the glass puzzle box and free the moonstone pearl! He found that there was a light faintly glowing from within as it was held in the moonlight, and that light increased as the moon waxed.

A couple of weeks after leaving Scarhyrst, on the night of the full moon, Findorus took out the moonstone pearl and found that it’s light was maximally bright. After some study by Echo, Findorus attempted to take the moonlight from the pearl into himself. He felt the moonlight flow into his blood, suffusing him with grace and celerity. For the time being, at least, it seemed that Findorus has had his dexterity increase, but as the moonstone pearl has started filling again, he’s unsure if it’s temporary or permanent… He also spent the night of the full moon talking to The Lady of the White Well. They conversed about various topics, and the topic of the Frost Prince came up, and she…seemingly innocently, suggested that he ask Echo to look into it, since he’s so good with stories… Echo began studying the stories and trying to find other reference material about the Frost Prince and his paramour, with some help from the Dragon Aleraxerondoal. Something nagged at his mind…that he’d…felt a resonance with this story somewhere, and with someone he’d personally met. The group discussed it a bit, and when Korrang and Varigate mentioned Shakaylin, things began to fall into place in his mind. Echo was sure she was connected in some way, and with the way her life story mirrored the Frost Prince’s paramour’s story, they felt that she has to be her, reborn. Findorus was overjoyed that they’d made some tangible inroads into one of his “destinies.”

When they arrived in the vacinity of Zaruk, they began looking to the Big Oak Tree that was supposed to be unlockable with Findorus’ blood and then get them inside Zaruk proper so he could see his family, and assess how things were going. When they got there, Varigate communed with Nature and discovered the Oak was NW of them (and that Fey bloodhounds, bred from Winter Wolves were staying a few miles away from them, to the NE), but Findorus’ Compass of Destiny was pointing to the NE. However, they decided to follow Varigate to the tree whereupon Findorus finds his house sigil in the creases of the tree’s bark on the NE side of the tree. Once his blood is placed on it, a space opens up in the roots leading down into a root-filled dirt passageway under the tree, smelling like fresh earth and suffused with a soft green glow of light without a source. They followed the tunnels for a time, seeing that rooms where there for them, with provisions if they needed them, but the group passed them by as Findorus unerringly led them to an exit near where he wanted to be inside of Zaruk. Before they left, they decided that Rykin and Korai would stay behind, Feldon would go invisible, and the rest of the group would wear filthy peasant disguises created by Rykin and Korai earlier. So everyone except for Rykin and Korai headed upwards and out into the city of Zaruk.


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