Lady Koraidhuilhiril

Rykin's Teacher turned Travelling Companion


Lady Korai is a high elf (Blade Ward) Woman in her mid 400’s, with dark red hair and bright green eyes. She is small of frame (5’6"), but resiliant for her size. Her name means roughly the Lady of the wandering mountain that rises from the sea, and is a sort of elvish metaphor for learning. However, with her non-elven students and close friends she often goes by Korai (the Mountain), an apt appellation as she’s an Abjurer Wizard.


She spent much of her life in Valdiholm learning to be an Abjurer at one of the colleges there, expanding on her innate High Elven talents. On her 125th nameday, she found a number of people to travel the world with and expand her experience. Her companions changed over time, but she travelled most with a Gnome Sorceror named Magstina Goblinsfoe, and a Black Dragonborn Paladin named Iorskan. She loved Iorskan in many ways, but he died fighting a necromancer and saving Korai’s life before they did anything about it. He was a paladin in the service of Amaunator, and in his memory, she wields his blade, Luminous.

Lady Koraidhuilhiril

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