The Lady of the White Well


The Feywild shines with magical potential that is wondrous in its brilliant and terrible beauty. Among the most powerful beings found there are the archfey. These beings are possessed of vast power and majesty. They have walked the forests and deserts, climbed the mountains, and swum the seas since before the tearful sundering of the Blessed Three (the gods Corellon, Lolth, and Sehanine). The archfey are mighty forces in this plane, and they are uncontested in their rule of the demesnes they claim.

Not all archfey, however, are willing to consort with the “lesser races,” let alone each other. These have withdrawn to the wildest places, where they spend eternity in contemplation or furtherance of their inscrutable plans.

Others are prevented from leaving their refuges by ancient magic that binds them there. The Lady of the White Well is such an archfey.

Although not seen in many years among the civilized fey, one can hear her tale in Queen Titania’s court, for its tragedy and romance make it popular with singers and star-struck youths. Ages ago, Sehanine, Corellon, and Lolth lived in joyful harmony. Their lives and love were woven through bonds of kinship and passion unlike any the world has seen since. Their company was doomed to heartache when darkness poisoned Lolth against her fellows, leading to her exile in the Abyss and the fall of those elves who sided with her against their kin. Before the tragic end of their romance, Lolth’s jealousy was fed by Corellon’s adoration for Sehanine. To restore her place as Corellon’s favored, Lolth beguiled an eladrin knight and wove a glamour to make him look like Corellon. The enchantments affecting the poor knight led him to a pool where Sehanine bathed. The goddess believed the young knight to be her companion, and she conceived a child from their union.

Corellon was enraged when he discovered Sehanine’s infidelity. Before Sehanine could intercede, Corellon doomed the child to remain at the pool where she had been conceived until the day when she might give her heart freely to another. Sehanine cared for her daughter, gave her power over the night, and taught her powerful magic. The moon goddess’s favors would not last; Lolth’s treachery and the Dawn War that followed saw both Sehanine and Corellon withdraw from the Feywild. Thus the Lady of the White Well has remained, waiting for one worthy to win her heart.

She has not had to endure the long years alone. Many have come to her shore, seeking favor. She has refused them all so far, but to those few who impress her with earnestness and talent, she has offered boons. To the rarest few, she offers something even greater: the chance to win not only her heart but also her hand. Upon these, she bestows the sword of the White Well in the hope that her champion will prove worthy.

The Lady of the White Well

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