Varigate of House himoya

Mixing aspects of the elk, bear, wolf and eagle totems Varigate is solid stone with a unquenchable fire within.


Varigate stands 6’ 9” and weighs 300 lbs, he is 21 years old. He has a ruddy complexion. His black body hair is much more noticeable and pronounced, looking like fur in some places. He has brown eyes. His clothes are made of black leather bands horizontal, connected by vertical straps, that look as if they are straining to hold in his wall like body. Since acquiring wolf-like senses his jaw elongated a bit. As his height is increasing Varigate is losing the “spark plug” look but seems to be growing more solidly built. He carries the axe lose in one hand, the head is large enough to balance it on. The javelins are strapped to a brown “holster”. His other equipment is in an explorers pack or belt pouch. He has been noticeably more concerned about his appearance of late, the pig-pen days seem long behind him.

Varigate of House himoya
Champion of Sunnis
One who is known as To’sar
“osta en’ i’ atta” (“defender/protector of the pair/couple/two”) for the wedding of Findorus and Silwen


Personality Trait
I’m haunted by memories of dying. I can’t get past the sense of what I’ve lost and the feeling of horror of what I’ve become

replaced by

I face problems head on. A simple, direct solution is the best path to success.

Blood runs thicker than water.
Knowledge is more important than anything.

Nothing is more important than other members of my family (will include clan tovar) and especially House himoya

By my words and actions, I will often bring shame to my family

replaced by

Being but a few years past coming of age, I often act with the rashness of youth.

Hegemony Dabus
war-beasts (gulvorgs, varags, etc. but not wargs) from clan hayvon and clan tovar will act friendly toward character, goes away if character attacks war-beast
character is noticeable to extra-planar entities and will notice extra-planar entities

Varigate grew up short and pudgy for a hobgoblin. His quick and facile mind was noticed by Chiroy a female high elf member of Clan hayvon by adoption and she encouraged its development. As time went by he was accepted as a novice in the Archivist guild in Vladiholm. On his fourteenth birthday he was promoted to apprentice. Varigate was a month or so short of his coming of age (15) when his adventuring career was thrust upon him. Tragedy had followed Clan hayvon for many generations, strange maladies has struck a few members in each generation which no magics could seem to touch, recovery of any kind often taking decades. Varigate’s generation was struck particularly hard with Varigate being the fourth child afflicted. With Varigate things were more severe than usual. Varigate awoke, many hundreds of miles from his home, in what amounted to a new body, recovering from a wound that seemed like it should have killed him with only cloudy memories of his past, almost consumed by a burning anger and rage inside him.

Varigate’s Family (Clan hayvon)

note that most names are Goblin/Uzbek, names were chosen to give you a peek behind things, not meant to be that literal

Befarq (indifferent)– m hobgoblin, father, almost a disappointment to the family, no great failures, just not exceptional in any way, he is a capable administrator of clan interests but no real ambition or vision

Yashirin (hidden) – f hobgoblin, 1st wife, mother of Sedrili and Bilimli Kishi, somewhat a throwback to Hegemony mindset, she has had no chances to exploit this due to lack of “reach”

Shiddatli (fierce) – 2nd wife, now deceased, mother of Ayol Jangchi, rumors persist that Yashirin was in some way responsible for her death, Befarq reacted to her death by elevating Ajoyib from courtesan to wife

Ajoyib (amazing) – f hobgoblin, 3rd wife, mother Zakovat, Varigate and Talaba, was originally courtesan, elevated to 3rd wife, clan hayvon loyalist

Muallima (teacher) – f bugbear, courtesan, undersized for a bugbear, scholar, obviously no offspring

as is common/normal in hobgoblin families all of the children consider them selves as family/clan before son or daughter of whoever

Zakovat (intelligence) – oldest brother, heir, son of Ajoyib, who was then a courtesan and not yet third wife, one of a number (through the generations) in the clan named after the great general. Considered an excellent leader of troops at a young age. Zakovat was stricken with a malady while growing up that turned his hair white and cost him his sense of humor. Unknown to Varigate his hair has started to regain its color and has been seen smiling, this occurred post Varigate departure.

Sedrli – oldest sister, daughter of Yashirin, always considered somewhat “flighty”, stricken with a malady while growing up that caused her to act fae-like, like Zakovat she has recently “recovered”.

Slider (darz oyna) – f 1/2 hobgoblin/1/2 fae, was Sedrili for a while, trying to learn who else she was and is

Ayol Jangchi (women warrior) – f hobgoblin, daughter of Shiddatli, older sister, never had an episode growing up, considered the best warrior of the current generation, not a soldier she has little aptitude for leading others except by example and no patience for training others.

Bilimli Kishi (scholar) – m hobgoblin, older brother, son of Yashirin, best “brains” of the generation, but not a creative thinker, more a plow his way through. He suffered a malady while growing up and became non-responsive, following commands but taking no action on his own, he to has started recovering after Varigate’s disappearance.

Varigate – m hobgoblin, son of Ajoyib

Talaba (student) – f hobgoblin, younger sister, daughter of Ajoyib, she is most like Varigate was, a quick witted intuitive archivist with a thirst for all knowledge. Has now moved to Ancamir and taken up position of heir in House himoya.

Varigate of House himoya

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