Feywild Titles and Kennings

All of the pages have been assigned or taken

Findorus – A page that glows with a silvery light where one can fill in a name and be proclaimed a Knight of the Court of the Stars.

Calindra – A greenly glowing page where one can fill in a name and be proclaimed a member of the Wild Hunt.

Echo – A page seemingly written on tinfoil that declares one a minor Lord of Astrazalian, which comes with a small home within the city.

Korrang – A blue page declaring one a member of the Court of Coral, the aquatic and island dwelling fey who oversea the seas and rivers of the Feywild.

Varigate – A Letter of Passage, granting the bearer safe haven status within another’s area or household as long as they honor the rules of hospitality, and the person is not already an enemy.  This effect could be used on an enemy once, but after that the effect will be gone.

Rykin – A red page describing self-sacrifice, allowing the bearer (once writing their name on the page) to, as a reaction when an ally is hit by an attack, to move their speed towards that ally, pushing them 5 feet out of the way and taking the full effect of the attack, not limited in any way.

Korrang – A black page, describing horrors and natural disasters.  The bearer of this page can tear the page to shreds, invoking it’s ability causing a random disaster (natural or otherwise) to take place where the person wills it.

Rykin – A white page, that describes bonds of honor and duty.  It’s power can be willed into any present in the immediate area (max a dozenish people) to act with perfect coordination.  Until the end of the current encounter, you and your allies may give up any number of actions or reactions they have to another ally by sacrificing their own.  Actions given in this way or not restricted by turn limits.

Other items:

Findorus – A coin, half silver, half gold, with the sun and the moon on either face.  One can flip it and then perform an action.  The flip of the coin will ensure that the action is either spectacularly successful (as if you rolled a 20), or a total failure (as if you rolled a 1).  It may wear out at some point.

Feywild Titles and Kennings

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