Truename People

Group One

Minrath m high elfwizard Herald

associated: Girard m human fighter

Just as a note, Minrath and Girard got their truenames differently than Groups 2 and 3, while it is true they were the first to get new truenames since the beginning, they…well they got them from the source, rather than in the PMP which has been influenced by other Far Realm energies/entities

Group Two

Yarik – Male Awakened Evergreen. Truename revolves around Stability and Steadfastness (Rykin’s counterpart)

Rilka – Female drow. One of our counterparts that seeks to use far realm “power” against the far realm – truename revolves around Silence and Endings (Echo’s Opposite) – Currently fairly insane.

Prildim f samurai hobgoblin – definitely Hegemony, Clan Tovar, party saw her sailing away from Nala – truename revolves around Constraint and Discipline. (Findorus’ counterpart).

Morkhel m frost elf – truename revolves around Hardness and Hidden Strength (Varigate’s counterpart) – Currently thought to have acted against the party on at least 2 occasions, unconfirmed (well, vaguely confirmed at best).

Davi m human – truename revolves around Trials (Korrang’s counterpart) – Currently considered a potential threat to creation, unconfirmed.

Group Three

Calindra – f Human Druid – Not sure about her, if you consider what she talked about when you first met her, it seemed like she definitely had a tie to nature in some way, though unclear at the time. But you know judging from the rest of your all’s experiences that she also has clear ties to fire and savage beasts. Perhaps natural threats or disasters? Perhaps natural beasts in a way that Yarik has a tie to plants? Savagery? Unsure, last seen somewhere in the Feywild.

Korrang – m Wood Elf Monk – Journey/Crossing

Varigate – m Hobgoblin Barbarian – Blurring Boundaries/Evolution

Findorus – m High Elf Fighter – Free-Will (and possibly dreams, time, freedom, prophecy… ;) )

Rykin (of the clan of Ezra) – m Dragonborn Wizard – Dissension
Pholx Rykin’s faerie dragon familiar

Echo – m ½ elf Bard – Storytelling

Glasya f ~fiend

Feldon m ~fiend

Group Four

Legion m awakened wolf fighter (battle master) – Truename revolves around the Pack, working together towards a common goal, in some senses altruism and togetherness.

Lady Koraidhuilhiril f high elf wizard – Truename revolves around Knowledge in a way she’s not clear about yet, perhaps more towards ferreting out knowledge. So far the big thing she’s noticed that is clearly truename-y is that she can touch a book and know everything that’s inside of it, so far at least as long as she’s touching it.

Malan m human paladin – Malan got a Truename that revolves around light and…facing danger? Boldness?

Nyx – f ½ elf Rogue Her truename revolves around the concept of “The Call to Adventure”, going out and expanding past what you are, but in a more story-sense.

Anja – f Halfling commoner/warrior clearly seems to revolve around finding those bursts of heroism inside yourself, the mother ‘s burst of strength when her child is in danger, the part of you that straightens your backbone when the chips are down. (Though it definitely seems like her focus is high output/low duration).

Truename People

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