Jalaana and FIndorus

This was an exchange with Findorus, as he was taking his sister Drusila to a dress-maker in Astrazalia:

When you arrive at the location, it’s actually a completely outdoor location, almost like a hedge maze. Gorgeous dresses adorn women and men -shaped hedges, and are running around dealing with glamorous clients. The only odd thing you’ll notice, is towards the back, a part of the hedge looks withered and dead. There is no movement there, and there’s no way it seems to get back to that area, as if it is closed off.

When you enter the “shop”/glade, you will be greeted by a pretty spritely woman, thin as a rail with long pointy ears wearing a pink diaphanous shift. After you let her know why you’re here, she’ll whisk you away to another “room” through a door that opens in the hedge that was delineated by a doorway shaped burst of flowers growing in the hedge wall.

In there is a tall impossibly graceful woman, clearly a Sidhe, who seems to only glide and drift in all her movements. She will melodiously introduce herself as Jalaana Rainclover, and will say that she’s aware of why you’ve come, and she would be honored to design a dress for the sister to the The Shining MoonKnight. She’ll ask if there are any specific requirements you had, or symbols that she should use, or if you would prefer that she and Drusilla work that out themselves? She’ll say that she’s going to need Drusilla for some time for measurements, fittings, and if you did not wish to wait here bored that she would promise that while in her care, Jalaana will undertake all dangers before Drusilla, and that she would not take any harm or be in any danger not dictated by the will of destiny.

Findorus: I will thank Jalaana. I will leave the specifics of the dress to Drusilla, but I would suggest she have our family symbol on the dress somewhere. I will offer to pay for the dress with storied items I have with me or a service at this time if she needs it. I would like to wait rather than leave Drusilla alone since this is her first trip to the Feywild. I will also ask Jalaana about the part of the hedge that looks withered and dead. I would like to help with this if at all possible.

Jalaana will be a bit surprised when you offer to help. She will say that some time ago she was comissioned to create a wedding dress for a woman, a hag specifically, but one who seemed like she had fallen in love…much to my surprise. She seemed to change her outward demeanor and appearance in accordance with the feelings she was experiencing. I was overjoyed to help her with this, and I endeavored to make it the most grand, most elegant dress I ever created to commemorate such a singular event. However, one of my girls came to me one morning before the wedding day and told me the most terrible thing had happened. Apparently the hag was being played with by a satyr, who thought the whole thing was a huge joke, that a hag could ever find love…I was honestly wroth at this, but barely after I finished hearing the story, the hag burst into my glade, her now beautiful countenance warped in anger and rage, and more powerful than I had presumed by her mild manner. She thought that I was in on the joke the whole time, and she would not be swayed by mere words. She spoke and laid a curse on me: That the sadness and pain that I had brought upon her would come to me destroying all that I have touched and created until Reality finishes what I started. She left at that point as darkness and miasma spread from her unfinished wedding gown. Using all my skill in my place of power, I was able to capitalize on the fact that I really had her best interest in mind at the time, but I was barely able to stop the spread of her power. Since that time…it has spread and that section of the hedge maze is filled with spirits of malcontent and darkness. I have been able to keep it contained, but the darkness is such that anyone from the Feywild who has tried to enter the maze is overcome by the concentrated pain and sadness therein. I think perhaps I have been waiting for the two of you to finally purge the darkness. If it is not stopped, I shall eventually be overcome, and perhaps eventually this city as well. The darkness has grown in there and my power to contain it wanes with each passing season…

If you truly wish to help, One Who the Moon Knows Is Blessed by Destiny, the Shining Moonknight, will you and your sister bring Light to the Darkness of my Glen? I sense that the lovely Drusilla will be able to finish what I started, while you keep her safe from what dwells within, and the two of you should not be as overcome by the feelings therein.

Drusilla will look to you expectantly with a light in eyes, telling you she’s more than willing to help without saying anything, as long as you approve…

Findorus: Of course Drusilla and I are willing to help to bring the light into the darkness of Jalaana’s Glen. We will proceed carefully into the maze.

Jalaana will reach towards a part of the hedge wall in her room and it will part into a niche from which she’ll remove a golden sword and hand it to Drusilla. “To protect yourself at need, and also this”, She will also hand her a fine wooden box with gold leaf roses on it. “You’ll need this sewing kit to finish the dress.”

She will again thank you for your help, and wish you luck in there. She’ll wave her hand a portion of the hedge wall will turn into a passageway into a dark night filled dying hedge nightmare. She’ll take a golden needle out of her hair and toss it into the maze where it will transform into a weakly glowing golden ball of light floating. “I cannot do much, but this should provide some protection and guidance.”

As you enter the maze, the wall closes behind you and you feel a wash of sadness wash over you, but more as if you were watching a sad play or reading a sad story, like it’s not a part of you. The floor is littered with dead and decaying flower petals. As you move inwards, following the faintly glowing light, shambling zombie-like creatures will crawl out of the ground and the hedge walls, but will be easily dispatched by you before they fully form. The maze will throw shades and thorn-filled vines at you as you make your way to it’s center. Drusilla and yourself will be wounded, but nothing too major, mostly scrapes and a few small gashes. Finally you’ll break into a large room, filled with cobwebs, skeletons of beings that seem to be reaching towards each other, but never touching, all centered around a stunning and shockingly white almost-finished wedding gown on a hedge mannequin. Drusilla will sheathe her sword and begin cleaning the cobwebs off of the dress and preparing to finish making the dress.

As soon as she opens the sewing kit and begins to work, there is a shudder in the maze, and shades and zombie fey will start crawling out all over the place. Your swords will flash through the darkness as you leap around the room, clearing a space for Drusilla to work. This will go on for some time, slowly wearing you both down, but the light will grow brighter as you work, stronger with less flickering. Drusilla will get very close to finishing, working on the last seam, and the darkness seems to put forward it’s most extreme effort. At one point you see a number of creatures bearing down on Drusilla, and manage to tackle them to get all their attention off of her. They’ll be clawing and dragging you down as shadow creatures begin to sap the strength from your arms, but Drusilla is clear. Then in a moment, heads will start falling off the zombies and shadows will dissipate as a golden blade is shoved through them. Drusilla will smile brightly, if tiredly, and then begin finishing the seam with her other hand, and cutting the excess thread with the golden blade.

Golden-white light will blast out of the dress, knocking you both to the ground as light floods out of the dress. After a few blinding moments where all you can barely see through squinted eyes is the dress, the light will seem to be sucked back into the dress, along with the darkness until all that’s left is a stunning ivory gown (no longer pure white), in a green and seemingly back to normal hedge fitting room. After a few moments, a breeze will enter the room and start blowing away the dress as if it were petals in the wind, until nothing is left but the form. Drusilla will scream with delight as Jalaana enters the room (and she’ll self-conciously smooth her dress and calm down a bit, but there’s still a bright light of happiness in her eyes).

Jalaana will be practically beaming, bringing you both into an embrace and thanking you both while she cries a few elegant tears. “Drusilla, please accept this sewing box from me, anything you make with it will have the wonder of the feywild, as it contains a fraction of my power. Now, (as she gracefully wipes away the last tear), I believe we have a dress to make by tomorrow.” She’ll thank you again, grasping your hand tightly, and some of her aides will come in, some with bandages and ointments for your wounds.

Jalaana and FIndorus

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