In Search of the Bardic Colleges - Part 3

In which the party enjoys T-rex Steaks

After a quick stopover in Kuuma to visit Echo’s family’s mines, the group headed east towards the unnamed island where the college of Anstruth was said to lie. The group spent a relatively pleasant 2 weeks on the open ocean before finally spotting land.

The island was heavily jungled and warm, and Echo let the rest of the group know that very few people bother coming out this far, as the island is said to be covered by dinosaurs, and is too far away from everything to be worth the effort.

Callie turned into a pegasus in search of the path (and dinosaurs to observe to expand her repertoire). She spotted some flying pterodactyles hunting, and then was able to spot a mass of vegetation that he thought might be the college ruins. Since the college was abandoned like 800-1000 years ago, it would be completely obscured at this point.

The group went inland, trailblazing, when they came across some tracks they were fairly sure were some carnivores hunting some herbivores, all huge-sized. They followed the tracks to a battle between a pair of tricerotops and their children vs 3 T-rex’s. Varigate sped into battle crying that he wanted to taste their flesh, and Rykin sped forward casting enlarge on the nearest Triceratops. The Tricerotops new size confused both it and it’s companions, causing them to back away from each other and the T-rex’s, giving Callie an opening to cast a wall of fire between the two groups, effectively cutting them off. One T-rex ran screaming from the wall of fire, the lack of prey and Echo’s vicious mockery, but not before Findorus was able to gracefully leap onto it’s back, holding on while it was running away. Findorus continued to engage this T-rex by himself, as clearly he was destined to do. Varigate, meanwhile, was snapped up by one of the T-rex’s. The other T-rex, not wanting a morsel to go, grab onto Varigate was still half in the mouth of the first one. Callie had transformed into a scorpion, and her sting laid both T-rex’s bare, while Varigate freed himself from their jaws, barely worse for the wear.

With the T-rex’s dispatched, meat and T-rex leather was had by all, though they found it somewhat bland; nothing like bullette meat. Afterwards the group continues the trail towards the supposed college site, and starts seeing the signs of ruins overgrown with plant life, cobblestones, etc.. In addition, they start seeing signs of camps here within the past few years (garbage, old circles of stones for a campfire, etc…). They decide to camp by an overgrown obelisk, with Echo casting a Tiny Hut.

While Rykin and Korrang are on watch, they both get attacked by some unseen foes. Korrang gets almost knocked out of the tree he’s watching from several times, but was able to hold his ground. Rykin was hit once, and then never again the whole combat. At this point, they’re both telling and everyone comes out to see what’s going on. Findorus remembers some message he had from his Truename about a cold wind from the north. Varigate smells a combination of pine needles, holly berries and a touch of snow, giving him a clue as to where the invisible assailants are. Findorus talks to his:

Findorus: Who are you
Invisible: I am your death.
Findorus: Who sent you?
Invisible: Something new..and old.
Findorus: I shall not die today, it is not my Destiny!
Invisible: You have no destiny.

They proceed to fight back and forth, Korrang employing a tactic of bending water so that it keeps splashing the creatures so they could somewhat see them. The group was able to eventually kill all the invisible creatures, when they realized there was one left, hovering over Rykin’s shoulder.

Rykin began speaking to it:

Rykin: Who are you
Invisible: I am…not?…your death?
Rykin: This is so frustrating!
Invisible: I am your frustration?
Rykin: No, no, the situation is frustrating not you.

Invisible: I…am your ally?
Rykin: No.
The Rest of the Party: OMG, just say yes when an assassin asks if your it’s friend!!

At about this point, Rykin kept waffling back and forth, and realizing that he was fulfilling his Truename Exceptionally Well, giving him some hints as to his Truname’s purpose. The group also realized the creatures were Invisible Stalkers, summoned elementals that fulfill a specific purpose, and somehow Rykin’s Truename interfered with that, confusing the Invisible Stalker. So for now, Rykin went to sleep with an Invisible Stalker that smells slightly of pine hovering over his head, and somewhat thinking that it’s his purpose to be Rykin’s Ally…

The next morning the group came upon a huge, vine-covered structure that they believe is the building they’re looking for. When they got around to the front, they see that the huge, banded doors where blown open somehow. There were marks of an explosion and huge claw marks showing that the door was broken into from the outside, and the inner hall had signs that it was clearly used as a temporary camp by someone within the past few years.


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