Up the Tower

The group returned to Ancamir, and then headed off to Amanpoor, in the Forgotten Empire. The Lady Korai definitely wanted to see the strange teleportation circle at the “top” of the tower, and Varigate also wanted to do some scavenging while they were near the Elemental Planes. It turned out that Feldon and Lady Korai could not see the secret switches that opened up each floor of the tower, nor could they see the extra symbol present in the teleportation circle. In fact, the Lady Korai couldn’t even see that it was a valid teleportation circle. To her it looked broken, though to the rest of the group, it looked whole. She stayed for some time there studying what she could, and concluded that outside this section of the tower was the Astral Plane, and perhaps it looks broken due to the events during the time of the worlds creation. Korrang, having spent his time meditating with the help of his Truename, agreed, but also discovered that he believes the tower was not always in this form, and perhaps may have been many paths and doorways that were stitched together and reformed, not that long ago. He also believed that the extra symbol in the teleportation circle had a specific tie to an entity, and seemed to be some sort of permissive element, from which he concluded that perhaps they were able to see/use it and, in fact, use the tower at all because of Delores’ permission, or shall we say the last remaining Lord of Balance’s permission…? While in the tower, Korrang continued to focus on the paths aspect of the floors, and discovered that he received mental images or impressions of various objects as he passed through the tower, almost as if these items are or were keys to them. With this idea of an object having “keyness” he discovered that 3 of the objects in the party’s possession were also keys, though to what he was unsure and would look into.

Varigate found that most of the areas in front of the portals to the various elemental planes were picked clean, but with Barchan’s help he was able to glean a few more materials. He also spent some time in the Plane of Radiance, trying to commune with nature. While the spell worked, if not as well as he’d hoped, he mostly discovered that he was in a large sphere of nothing solid, with nothing living and no structures nearby.

After returning to Amanpoor proper, they met with Echo’s family so that Rykin could pick up a couple of the Tomes of Correspondence that Echo created, and so that Korrang could work out a deal so that his order could receive a dozen of the tomes, with deliveries as the house could create them. Afterwards, Varigate wanted to visit the Shadowfell for a short time, to see the place and also perhaps to visit a site there described to him by the Hag Athema. Upon exiting the shattered bottom portion of the tower, they found themselves in a withered and dry landscape of grass and crumbling stones, with an overcast sky and heavy clouds. Korrang was able to sense paths all around as he did in the Feywild…But where the Feywild paths promised safety, the Shadowfell paths promised peril. However, they would still speed that party on their journey, so after much deliberation, they decided to take the paths and the danger be damned!


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