Echo Vryce


Race: Half Elf
Class: Bard (and Warlock, though he thinks of himself as just a bard)
Background: Noble
Weight:165 lbs
Build: Slim
Skin: Pale
Hair: Long, blonde
Eyes: Blue


Born Tho’aer James Vryce, he is known by the stage name Echo. He was a somewhat unexpected sixth child of Jonathan and Sariel Vryce. He has three older brothers (William, Brian, and David) and two older sisters (Theriastra and Althaea). His family is a wealthy, noble merchant house. Being the youngest there are few demands on him to particpate in the family business. He is free to do what he wants, and his parents have always been quite supportive.

Things come easily to Echo, and he has had the opportunity for a lot of variety. He has always had a special affinity for music, and was always quite gifted. He had many tutors over the course of his young life and so knows many styles of music and performance. He is also a skilled composer. This led to his decision to become a bard and see the world. He left home to seek and live new tales, write new songs, and discover new things. Two major objectives were to seek the music of creation and to rediscover the six elder barding colleges. He has achieved the first, and it has transformed him and his music. He knows the location of all six colleges, and has visited three of them so far. One day he will found a college of his own.

Echo is friendly to most everyone. He is non-judgemental and accepting. He doesn’t like strict rules or limits. His philosophy is live and let live. He prefers doing things by consensus, and not having a formal leader making decisions. He is still rather young for a half elf, being only 23, so his personality and views are still growing and changing.

Echo Vryce

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