Korrang Cammlann Fána (White Palm)

Monk of the Heren Istyarion, Keyholder of Pendrad Ilu, Lord of the Court of Coral


Race: Wood Elf
Class: Monk (Way of the Four Elements)
Background: Sage
Height: 5’ 11"; weight: 140
Build: Slender; Skin: Light Brown; Eyes: Green; Hair: Black with Silver Streaks

Korrang usually fights with his hands and feet. He will also use a short sword under the right circumstances. He normally wears loose fitting robes that allow for ease of movement.

He has been studying the Way of the Four Elements which allows him to have some control over Water, Earth, Air, and Fire.

Lord Cammlann Fána of the Court of Coral, Prince of the Citadel of Ten Thousand Pearls, the Moonlight King; I am That Which Everyone Takes; Son of the Sea, Vessel of Light, Companion to Color, Swamp Dancer, and Fiend Redeemer; I am the Discoverer of Knowledge, the Name Keeper, the Book Binder; I am the Throne Climber, the Star Traveler, the Fastest Flyer and Quickest Swimmer; I open the Doors to Everywhere and hold the Key to Destruction; I Grasp the World in my Hands; I am Skybreaker, Dragonproof, Weilder of Tarrasque’s Wrath; Airwalker, Watershaper, Earthmolder and Firetamer, Master of the Five Elements.


Born as Syllan into a merchant family in the great elven city of Iriond, Korrang was originally meant for a place in the family business. He gained a love of travel from going on merchant trips with his father Arannis Holimyn and older siblings. But he and his family realized that he was not cut out to be a merchant, and that another path in life would have to be found.

During a chance encounter on the road, Korrang met a group of high elves who seemed to be scholars. They turned out to be monks of an order called Heren Istyarion, and they ultimately invited him to be a part of their order.

Korrang spent five years in the Heren Istyarion monastery learning to be a scholar but also to be a warrior. For the Order held knowledge, a great deal of it. Much of that knowledge was mundane and ordinary. But some of it was secret, and some powerful, and that knowledge had to be defended from those who would take it to use for their own means. So every monk in Heren Istyarion had to learn how to defend him or herself.

After spending five years in the monastery, Korrang was given his first assignment to transport books to another monastery. And so he boarded that fateful ship which was soon to encounter a rogue kraken…

Korrang Cammlann Fána (White Palm)

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