Dark Fabulist II Treasure

I forgot I owed you all a number, you gained 8,000gp worth of magic item components. Kept in party fund, possibly to be used to make radiant forge

In addition the following “interesting” items were also found:

A large transparent gem that, when gripped tightly, whispers in Terran. Varigate

A frost-covered locket that is frozen shut. Findorus

A fist sized rock that “beats” like a heart. Korrang

(A needle that never bends) Will not draw the blood of Royalty. Findorus

A bronze miniature of a castle trapped in the coils of a fell serpent Findorus

A yard of pure white ribbon, ~1/2" wide, that cannot be soiled. Korrang

A foot tall hourglass (1 hour) that when turned over, causes the contents of the top half to slowly disappear. When turned around again, the bottom slowly fills, but with a different material or liquid than was originally in it. Currently it’s filled with a fine, grey ash. Rykin

Dark Fabulist II Treasure

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