Notable Persons

Rhundar – Male Gnome in Korrang’s Order.
Shakalyn – Female Wood Elf, 18 Cha – Escaped from the Verdant Realm (supposedly from unwanted betrothal)
Andersonalin Greenforge – Feywild Eladrin Blacksmith travelling with the group
Feldon – Imp? Previously Bound in service to the group sans Varigate and Calindra, now traveling with them.
Malan – Human Paladin of Azereus (a Solar, with only 1 worshiper)

Umgim – Male Gnome, has falcon animal companion, met on first ship ride out of Hesiahopa
Erryn – Male Gnome Engineer, world renowned for golem construction. Recently developed a method to make golems out of paper after studying in the Verdant Realm
Lady Iogola – a fairly ancient High Elf woman who is at least 600-700 years old
Lumilisar – Black dragonborn research assistant to lady iogola
Filverel – Female High Elf in Zholand, ran away with husband, father was a blacksmith
Tassarion – Male High Elf in Zholand, Carpenter, ran away with wife
Davdri – Male Rock Gnome the party saved near Anstruth from Formians. Worked with Erryn when captured while looting Anstruth.

Jayden – Male Human Ex-Shar-Cultist in Ancamir, possibly a town guard now, bit of a tough guy
Lord Kharmand Strongforged – High Lord of Ancamir
Rezso – Hobgoblin Warg Trainer met in the Feywild. Had escaped his family’s failure, and it has been years since he’s had the joy of working with animals. He knows where he could get some, just not the money or a place/support.

Amsden Dawnshot – Credited with creating the spell Magic Missile in Aladris.
Eshirelle – Previously a Succubus, now bound into the form of a human woman who owns an inn in New Aladris. Has half of a Sending Stone pair with Varigate, he communicates daily with her.

Aq Reservoir:
Masthead – Priest of Olhydra in Verdant Expanse
Wake – Water Genasi met by the group in the Aq Reservoir.

Amaeraszantha – Amethyst – Justicar – Pale-skinned female elvish humanoid with dark-purple hair and light-violet eyes. She typically wears robes of light purple.
Saryndalaghlothtor (Saryndala) – Crystal – Impresario – Pale-skinned elvish female humanoid, long platinum blond hair.
Vercevoran – Emerald – Chronicler – Male
Malaeragoth – Sapphire – Argus – Dwells in the Tower of Stone and Shadow – Maintains the stars – Male
Kraxx – Topaz – Guardian – Handles security for Eridia – Male yellow-skinned hobgoblin

Forgotten Empire:
Jacen – Half Elven Merchant in Forgotten Empire
Dolores – ???

The Hegemony:
Menexalavoss -Red Dragon – Rykin’s father – Oldest & Largest of the Red Dragons “allied” with the Hegemony

Beinorin – High Elven High Lord
Calrick – Rock Gnome, M, Priest of Entemoch
Oris – Dao in Entemoch’s service
Terbia – A Dao in Ogremoch’s service

The Lady Fillincel – Part-time paramour to Echo and Cousin to the Queen of Astrazalia and grand-neice to the Queen of the Summer Court
The Lady Uldiyardih – Undine representative of the Court of Coral
The Hag Athema – Satyrbane, the Black Bridge, Witch of the Cryptwoods
Jalaana <needlastname> – Powerful Sidhe dressmaker to Queens

Shaxamemnax – Shadow Red Dragon Terrorizing town (Corrupted by a chunk of stone, perfectly in tact, woven with a part of a truename, that of Shar)

Notable Persons

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