The Prince of Frost

In a time now forgotten, no winter ever gripped the Feywild domain known now as the Vale of the Long Night. The region was a place of light and joy. As home to the Summer Queen’s eldest son, it reflected the Summer Court where the vale’s inhabitants spent most of their time. In that court, the children of summer passed the long days with song and celebration, basking in the bright beauty and the company of friends.

Three of the brightest lights of the court were the Daughters of Delight. Loveliest of the three was the Lady Sharaea. She had long been betrothed to the Sun Prince, eldest son of the Summer Queen. The prince, whose name is forgotten, loved Sharaea with all his heart, and for a time she loved him in return. However Sharaea grew disillusioned with the endless revelry of the court, and she began to spend her days in the mortal world, seeking to make a difference. Her summer lover grew jealous, but his attempts to pull her back only drove her farther away. She found new love in the arms of Hayne Kasar, a brave and selfless warrior, and together they fought to defend the innocent and battle the forces of darkness.

Sharaea traveled at the side of her beloved. Their deeds and great love inspired songs and tales of their own. In Sharaea’s absence, the heart of the fey prince grew colder, and in time he demanded that his betrothed return to the court. He insisted that she honor her vow and be wed to him. When Sharaea refused, the prince swore to capture and marry her, even if he had to keep her prisoner in his demesne. Sharaea knew she could not resist his power, and she feared for the safety of her mortal lover.

So it was that that she and Hayne ventured out and made a deal with the Dark Lady. The Dark Lady agreed to hide their souls for a time under the cover of her darkness and let them slip free at some point in the future. They would be reborn, and in return would have to repay the favor. It was Sharaea’s hope that the passage of time would soothe the jealous heart of the Sun Prince.

When the Sun Prince learned how he had been betrayed, how Sharaea was lost to him, his heart turned to ice. So powerful was his bitter sorrow that it spread a chill across the land, transforming his sun-dappled demesne into the Vale of the Long Night. The prince blamed the heroes of the mortal world for turning his beloved against him, and in the darkness of his heart’s winter, his thirst for vengeance grew. His cold heart drew to him others of his kind, and eventually he became the greatest among them.

Sharaea’s sisters, Velayn and Loralae were filled with despair at the loss of their sibling, and the Sun Prince captured them in their sister’s stead. His bitter power magnified their sorrow and bound them to his frozen heart. They wasted away, and soon the Daughters of Delight were no more. In their place were the Sisters of Lament, chill shades of the lovely females haunting the winter winds.

Their new master turned his back on the Summer Court. In his striving, he had become the Prince of Frost, also known as the Pale Prince, greatest of the Winter Court Fey. Although not all the Winter Court follows his agenda, and in fact numerous members of the court oppose it, his power became secure. He then swore to take his wrath out on the mortal world until the day that he finds Sharaea and binds her to him once and for all.

The Prince knows it was The Dark Lady who helped Sharaea escape, and holds her in great contempt. To this day none know if the Prince of the Sun will ever return, or if that season has passed from these lands forever. Little is known here of how Sharaea finally escaped his grasp to meet with the Dark Lady, or of her time with the mortals. Has Sharaea been reborn? Will the Prince finally take revenge upon the Dark Lady? Will something else help to melt his icy heart? The story lives on, and in warmer hearts hope may yet prevail…

The Prince of Frost

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